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Village History

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"We Need
Each Other" - Lisa

B'Cause It Takes A Village

Lisa Lowery, Founder

BITAV was envisioned by founder, Lisa Lowery after receiving more requests than she could personally handle. 

Lisa discussed her vision with different families and set up a service plan based upon their specific needs.


Amongst those needs were On Call Sick Care and Back-Up Care. Lisa established the first On Call Sick Care Program by connecting with Dr. Tondelaya George, Manager of Admission Student Services at Duke University School of Nursing.

We are a Personal support system dedicated to serving individuals and families with any needs that might arise. We understand the busy and stressful lifestyles of many, and desire to bring the services of dependability, help, and relief to others. 


Lisa has been in the business of serving others all of her young adult/adult life.

Lisa's Education And Experience Includes:

  • Over 3 years of Biology/Science Studies

  • Emergency Medical Training Certification

  • Special Services (OT, PT, ST) Hospital Care at Durham Regional Hospital

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Care at Duke University Medical Center Medical Assistant care at Durham and Zebulon Private Practices

  • Therapeutic Foster Care

  • Homeschooling

  • Community Care: Elementary and Charter Schools

  • Nanny/Family Assistant


Lisa, who has resided in  Durham, NC nearly all 52 years of her life, fully understands the challenges of raising a family while building a career, and she also understands the symbiotic nature of service based relationships...."We need each other". 

Helping Hands

Seven Reasons Why
You Need Our Village


1} I am on call day and night. This is especially important for parents of sick children or parents that need help urgently.

2} I work to develop an Agreement specific to your household needs.


3} 98% of our Partners are "well seasoned" with no less than 5 years of experience. This experience allows them to "come in the door and take over for a smooth transition".


4} If the Umbrella of services does not meet your household needs, we offer at least two alternative options.


5} We offer a price scale. There is no one price for any service.


6} We will always go the extra mile to be efficient and make sure that we have fulfilled your specific request. 

7} We offer a low fee to begin your search that is deducted from your final cost. The fee covers our time if you decide to abandon the search.

Let’s Start Working Together!

Select Your Service

Strong Communicator

Lisa is a strong communicator and makes herself easily available to answer questions.
She helped our family to navigate parenthood when resources were limited.

The Berklands

Village Family


Durham, NC

Highest Standard

 I recommend Lisa as a conscientious, responsible, skilled, and caring person. She demonstrated careful attention to the highest standards of safety and quality   

Dr. William Treem, MD

Village Recommender



Satisfied With Experience

We are a family of four, we have worked with Lisa for over five years now.  We could not be more satisfied with every experience developed through Lisa.

Dr. Susanna Naggie

Village Family

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Durham, NC


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