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B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC provides individuals and couples who live at home with the non-medical support they need in order to live successful and independent lives. Our private caretakers are experienced and well referenced partners who strive to provide compassion and care while meeting your needs. Our Partners are available for long term and short term assignments. All at a price that's more affordable than care facilities and nursing homes.


  Why use Non-Medical Care?

Personal independence is important at any age, but especially for seniors who sometimes feel like they’ve lost other freedoms like driving, traveling alone or entertaining family and friends. With a little assistance from a private caretaker, older adults can enjoy their daily activities safely and with confidence.  B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC also gives family caregivers a respite break and a chance to recuperate.



  • help to prepare meals and snacks

  • provide reminders to take medication

  • transportation to and from appointments

  • run errands

  • grocery shopping/shopping

  • do laundry

  • companionship/socialization

  • provide transportation to church and other recreational activities 

  • assist with keeping home clean and organized

  • assist with basic home maintenance (lightbulbs, smoke detectors, etc.)

  • assist with oral and personal hygiene

  • provide a “wellbeing” check

  • provide respite care for family caregivers 



 Who Can Use Non-Medical Home Care?

"Mom just finished her chemotherapy and is a little weak. She could use help with meals and basic housekeeping until she regains her strength."


"Mom remains in good health for her 80 years and wants to live at home even though Dad is now gone. Since I have a newborn, I am not always able to be there."


"Grandpa is in an independent living apartment, but he needs rides to doctor appointments and to get his hair cut. (He still likes to go to his favorite barber after 40 years!) He also enjoys his weekly outing to play Bingo."

 You Can Save Money With Home Care!

Emerging Trends and Findings


For 10 consecutive years, Genworth has surveyed long term care service providers across the country. Genworth’s survey includes 437 regions that cover all Metropolitan Statistical Areas defined for the 2010 U.S. census.


Looking back at the past five years of survey results, Genworth recognizes emerging trends across the long term care services landscape. Overall, the cost of care among facility-based providers has steadily increased. For example, in 2008 the median annual rate for a private nursing home room was $67,525, compared with the 2013 median annual rate of $83,950. This means that Americans can expect to pay approximately $16,425 more per year today for a nursing home than they had to pay in 2008. This increase represents a 4.45 percent compound annual growth rate over that period.


In contrast to facility-based care, rates charged
by home care providers for “non-skilled” services have remained relatively flat over the past five years. For example, whereas the national hourly private pay median rate charged by a licensed home health agency for a home health aide was $18.50 in 2008, the 2013 hourly rate has only slowly crept up to $19.

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The historical compound annual growth rate for this type of care service has been only 1 percent over a five-year period. Home care rates have remained flat in part because of increased competition among agencies and the availability of unskilled labor, and because the companies that provide these types of services
do not incur the costs associated with maintaining stand-alone health care facilities.


You can expect to hear from a B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC partner within 24 hours of your online request, or A B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC partner is available by phone for on call services.


There is a retainer fee for all services based upon request.


Call us at the number below. We are here to help however we can.



We are always available to discuss your particular situation and needs.

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Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham
Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham
Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham
Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham

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