Full-Time Nanny Care

This option is perfect for parents requiring 40 to 50+ hours of childcare coverage per week. B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC nannies provide tailored and vigilant childcare to your children in the privacy of your home. 


Live In-Full Time Nanny Care

This option provides a nanny that lives in your home that works approximately 30-50 hours a week. A live-in nanny should be provided their own living quarters and bathroom. Most live-in nannies live in a separate part of the house. A live-in nanny still has a set schedule; they are NOT a 24-hour caregiver. Some families prefer a live-in if they have the extra space, or may need a nanny odd hours or have multiple children.


Part-Time Nanny Care

This option is ideal for parents who require from 5 to 29 hours per week of childcare coverage. Part-time nannies have the same responsibility as a full time nanny, but schedule may vary from 1 to 3 full days a week or shorter hours 3-5 days a week.  Care options can vary from after-school care only to morning care only to split shifts of both morning and afternoon care.


Nanny Share Care

This option means that one nanny is hired to work for two or three families. The families decide how and where the care would be provided. Some families choose for care to take place in one home while other families split the location. The nanny would watch all children at the same time or the family would split the nanny's time. In most cases the children are around the same age and the parents have similar work schedules and similar parenting styles. 


Summer Care

Summer nanny care is ideal for parents requiring childcare during the summer months. This could be a position from June-August or may be just 1 month. Summer nannies might work full or part-time.  You design your nanny's schedule. Schedules might include, transporting children to and from camps and playdates, daytrips to the beach, and even provide academic support to help your child gain new skills and knowledge and retain what he learned over the course of the school year.


Special Needs Care

ALL children have needs; some have more specialized needs than others. Our Special needs nannies are able to:

  • Develop specialized strategies that are tailored to your child's specific abilities and disabilities.  

  • To ensure that your child is receiving appropriate care and accommodations in the home with siblings and in the community with peers. 

  • To assist in promoting acceptance in the extended family, school and community; plan for future goals; and adjust routines and expectations.

  • Develop and follow specialized learning skills that enable your child to meet their potential and avoid self-esteem problems and behavioral difficulties. 

  • Follow and be inclusive of IEP's and other goal oriented plans.


Backup care

This option is useful should your childcare arrangements fall through at the last minute. This can sometimes be due to a caregiver's conflict or emergency. 


Temporary care

This option is great for parents that have small gaps or short term needs with childcare when three months or less of continuous, ongoing or occasional childcare coverage is needed. Nannies can be available to provide short term care from a day or a weekend to four months.


Event Care

Having a business conference, company meeting, large gathering or wedding?  For events big and small, this option is great for when you would like the children to be cared for onsite. While you and your guests focus on the event, let us handle the child care and fun!


Bilingual Nanny Care

This option provides a nanny that speaks in their native tongue or has years of training in speaking a foreign language. Nannies are able to introduce children to a secondary language with daily interaction, game playing and role modeling. This is also a way of ensuring exposure and respect for diverse cultures and ethnicities.


Urgent/On Call Sick Care

This option benefits those that do not have extended family in place when an emergency, last minute or same day care is required. Finding last minute child care can be a challenge. Our nannies can be at your home to provide care for your children or available to pick them up from school or daycare. B'Cause It Takes a Village,LLC is building a larger pool of partners that can be prepared to assist with care in a moment's notice.


Hotel Care

This option is perfect for parents who prefer an extra set of hands, who prefer to enjoy local attractions without the company of young children or who prefer to enjoy a day or night out with friends or spouse. Our nannies come prepared to provide childcare in your room/at your location. Upon your approval, our nannies will take the children on age appropriate outings that include walks, trips to the hotel pool or local child friendly venues.

*All fees associated with activities and hotels are the responsibility of the parents.


Mother’s Helper Care

This option is useful for a parent/parents that need assistance with providing childcare, errands or household related task. Care for the children is usually provided while the parent is home. There are some brief occasions when the child/children are left alone with the nanny.


Newborn/Overnight Care

We place newborn/overnight nannies for full time and part time requests. A newborn/overnight nannie will come to your home usually between the hours of 8/9pm-6/7am. It could be 2-3 nights a week for 5-6 nights a week. A newborn/overnight nanny is wonderful to have if you are a first time parent and need an experienced professional to help you take care of your child and get them to sleep! A newborn/overnight nanny will bathe your newborn, cut nails, sleep train and give you a hand with nursing. A newborn/overnight nanny is also a great option for additional children and you needed help throughout the day. With this option you'll get a full night's sleep.

Overnight care can also be used for traveling parents!

* B'Cause It Takes A Village, LLC is in the process of partnering with Doulas and Nurses. Look for this addition soon!


After School Care

This option is extra helpful to parents that have work hours after school is closed. Nanny assignments can vary anywhere from after school pick up, pick up from your child's bus stop or meeting your child at their home. Most nannies will provide a healthy snack, homework help and transportation to after school activities.


Corporate Care

In our society parents miss numerous days from work each year to in order to care for children. Combine this fact with more than 50 percent of families have two working parents, and you have a major problem in working America that contributes to absenteeism, decreased productivity which costs companies billions of dollars each year. B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC takes care of the concern and difficulty of finding back up care.


Who benefits from corporate care and how?

























The Extra's

Family Consult- $350

A B'Cause It Takes A Village,LLC's partners will come to your home and give you all the necessary tips to help you in doing your own nanny search. This is perfect for a family who decides to look for a nanny on their own but wants all the important tools in hiring. Each family will get  information with interview questions, family/nanny agreement, tax information and reviews.


Consult with Screening- $550

All the information above plus all the background checks and reference checks. This includes local and national criminal check, sex offender check, address, social security, motor vehicle and insurance checks.


Background and Reference Checks- $350

We will fully screen the nanny you have chosen.


Background Checks Only- $300

This includes local and national criminal checks, address, social security, insurance and motor vehicle checks.



Enjoy your vacation and leave your children safely with us.



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Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham
Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham
Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham
Babysitting, Au Pair, Babysitter, Senior In Home, Caregivers, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Raleigh, Durham

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